Edmonton Accountants working with a variety of industries.

Bhatia Khurana brings a wealth of accounting and advisory experience to clients in almost every industry in Alberta. From oil and gas to non-profits and everything in between, our clients help organizations of every type with their unique accounting and business issues.a.

Franchise Restaurants

Owner/operators take on an enormous responsibility when they decide to open a franchise. Not only do they become responsible for maintaining the brand image, but they also have to deal with managing employees, ordering product, and a host of other concerns. As Edmonton accountants focused on small business, Bhatia Khurana has a wealth of experience helping franchise restaurants with their accounting needs. Let us take care of all your accounting needs so you can focus on serving your customers.

Manufacturing and Construction

Manufacturing and construction are the lifeblood of the Alberta economy. From trades to IT contractors and everything in between, these industries build and help drive our province forwards. Bhatia Khurana’s Edmonton accountants are experts at helping manufacturers and construction businesses manage their accounting. We help find tax savings, to take advantage of government programs, and ways to grow and thrive in our competitive economy.

Oil and Gas

As Edmonton accountants, we understand the value of our province’s rich resources, and how volatile the market is. We’re exceptionally prepared to help our oil and gas customers with a full suite of accounting services to help manage oil and gas wealth effectively.

Not-For-Profit Groups

Albertans are generous people, each year donating their time and money to a variety of great groups and organizations. Bhatia Khurana works with several not-for-profit groups to keep close track of records and make sure funds are going to help the people they’re meant to. We take care of the accounting and number-crunching so you can take care of others.

Retail Trade

Bookkeeping and accounting are incredibly important when it comes to retail trade. Our expert accountants help keep you organized and on track, so you can focus on serving customers and growing your business.

Transportation and Warehousing

Bhatia Khurana has experience helping transportation and warehousing companies with their accounting and bookkeeping. We’re ready to tackle the unique challenges that accompany working in this incredibly competitive industry. Whether you’re an individual owner-operator or manage an entire fleet or warehouse, we can help keep you organized and running smoothly.

Hospitality and Entertainment

For most, the hospitality and entertainment industry is a labour of love. It’s also notoriously competitive, and replete with accounting challenges unique to the industry. You’re not an accountant, you’re a purveyor of good times and riveting experiences. With our experience, we can take care of the numbers, leaving you free to show your customers a great time.

Real Estate Rental and Leasing

Real estate rental and leasing require some of the most complicated and time consuming accounting skills. Huge assets and liabilities as well as sometimes volatile property values can combine to create difficult accounting circumstances. Our accountants are experts at navigating the complexities of real estate rental and leasing, leaving you free to focus on effectively managing your properties.


At Bhatia Khurana, we’re here to help. Give us a call to learn more.