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Edmonton accountants.

For X years, Bhatia Khurana LLP has been providing Alberta’s small businesses with affordable, professional Edmonton accountant services. Recognizing the challenges facing Alberta entrepreneurs, we’ve dedicated ourselves to making accounting easy and affordable. Our team of accountants in Edmonton offers a full range of services, including payroll, tax, and other consulting services. Built on accuracy, experience, and trust, we understand that your focus isn’t on accounting; let Edmonton’s best accountants help so you can get out from behind your desk and back to helping your customers.

Bhatia Khurana really helped my small local business find it's way. I didn't know what my next steps were moving forward from a home-based business to a storefront and the financial advice I got from Bhatia really helped me see it clearly and take my business to the next step!

Angela W.

I was so lost with my new business' accounts before getting serious and reaching out to Bhatia Khurana. Since then it's been so much easier and I can focus my efforts elsewhere. I cannot thank Bhatia enough!

Johnathan K.